Helpful Links

Pest I.D. for Vegetables. Clear Insect photos, descriptions, damage details and management suggestions.

Plants best suited for Pollinators. A regional guide for farmers, Land managers in the prairie parkland.  This guide was developed for the Prairie Parkland region of the United States, but offers a lot of great advice and information relevant to Southeastern Manitoba.

Nature Manitoba. A comprehensive listing of plants native to Winnipeg, MB.   An excellent resource for nature lovers.

Toxic and non-toxic plants for pets. Courtesy of ASPCA. Plant photos and descriptions with exposure/ingestion symptoms listed. Searchable by toxic, non-toxic and specific pet; cat, dog, horse.

Canadian Hardiness Info  Provides current hardiness information for all of Canada. Also compares to USDA zone mapping and collects fresh data to update zone information accurately.

Tree Information “Trees Are Good” provides detailed information on selection, planting and care of trees.

Manitoba Hydro’s Guide to Selecting Trees Near Power Lines .  The guide is interactive and will allow you to make safe and smart choice when planting near power lines.

Rain Garden Guide. The Rain Garden Guide is courtesy of The Seine Rat-River Conservation District.  A great resource for rain garden installation tips, plant guide, diagrams and more.  Other water conservation links and information is available on their site.