Perennial Bed Preparation

Soil preparation is one of the most important aspects in having a successful perennial garden.  It is critical to determine the type of soil structure you have in your area.

You may want to consider a simple soil test  to determine the ph and available nutrients in your soil.  C & S Country Gardens has a good selection of user friendly soil test kits at reasonable prices.

A product we like to recommend when planting perennials is Bone Meal Plus.   Bone Meal Plus is a 100% organic non bovine product rich in Phosphorus and Calcium. It is ideal for planting tulips, daffodils, freesia, crocus,, anemones, gladiolus, onions, garlic  and all types of bulbs. It can be used as a starter food to promote strong roots, abundant fruit and colorful flowers in all types of plants.  Bone Meal Plus is made from steamed fish bone meal in addition to other organic ingredients and contains Nitrogen for added plant nutrition. It also contains organic supplements that help in nutrient retention and availability.

Soil is the key to good growing.   Good soils have high organic matter and good structure which allows healthy root development and retains nutrients and moisture for an ongoing supply to roots.   Most soils lose their fertility due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers and herbicides. To revive your soil, do the following:

  1. For every 50 sq ft (5’ x 10’) use 250 g each of Humik and All Purpose 4-3-9. Mix in the top 2” of soil after land preparation and then water lightly.
  2. If the soil is very sandy or very clayey and doesn’t grow good vegetables and other plants, do the above and in addition apply 25 ml of Root Conditioner per litre of water twice a week before planting or seeding.


  • If the soil is sandy, it will start to form soft aggregates to hold moisture and nutrients.
  • If the soil is too hard or clayey, it will crumble the soil and make it porous for faster root development to encourage deeper roots which will over time create more organic matter.
  • Soils will get more microbial activity and you will notice earthworms and other beneficial insects and microbes will start to colonize your soil.

C & S Country Gardens is pleased to offer Orgunique Organic fertilizers, proudly produced in Canada.

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