How to Seed Your Lawn

How to seed your new lawn

You can seed a lawn at any time during the summer if irrigation is available. Seeding your new lawn in August when warm soil temperatures ensure fast germination and there is less competition from weeds also works very well.

To seed your lawn:

1. Purchase the desired mix of grass seed.
2. Apply your grass seed at the rate of 4-6 lbs per 1000sqft .
Divide the seed in half. Scatter half the seeds while walking back and forth along the length of your yard. You can use a mechanical spreader or do this by hand.
Scatter the rest of the seeds while walking back and forth along the width of your yard.
3. Lightly rake the surface of the soil to barely cover the grass seed.
4. Use a weighted roller over the soil surface to ensure good contact between the seeds and the soil.
5. Apply the water gently so that you don’t wash the seed away or create puddles. Best time to water is morning and evening. Keep soil moist, if soils dry out germination will be reduced or young seedlings will die. Depending on the seed mixture germination is generally between 7 to 21 days.
6. Mowing can be done when the grass is 3-4 inches high, cut with the mower blades set as high as possible. Close mowing should be avoided through the first season. Removing to much leaf area at one time can stress the new seedlings. Make sure to cut when it is dry and clippings should be mulched or removed.

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