Hanging Basket and Containers - Maintenance Tips

C & S Country Gardens offers a wide range of hanging baskets and containers in throughout our greenhouse and outdoor display areas.

Our hanging baskets and containers have been planted to suit many different environmental conditions, styles and textures.

  • Full sun and part locations
  • Heavily shaded areas
  • Windy and extremely dry locations
  • Various plant forms  and plant mixes that complement your colour scheme in your garden, landscape or deck

If you would like to attend a free planting seminar or would like to us to create custom a custom planter, visit the following links on our website.

Plant Care Recommendations courtesy of Orgunique™

Hanging baskets and other container plants can actually become weak due to excess growth. Chemical fertilizers tend to grow the plants fast and don’t carry any supplements; hence plants stretch, develop deficiencies and become weak. They transpire (releasing moisture through leaves) more due to stretching and as a result of too much stress, they get attacked by pests and grow weak. Container plants grown with organic products have sturdy growth and need less water.

Hanging BasketGrowing Medium:

For any type of container gardening, avoid using peat moss and perlite based growing medium. Best growing mix for containers and hanging baskets is 1/3 compost and 2/3 coco peat mix. This mix retains moisture 4-5 times longer and at the same time retains right amount of air in the medium. Even in extreme heat, watering requirements can be cut back many folds using this mix.

Granular fertilizers:

For every wheelbarrow load of approximately 100 litres of soil volume, add 600 g of Starter Food and 150-250 g ofHumik. Preferably, mix the soil well and leave it under a cover (tarp) for at least a week before filling containers. This will get the additives activated and nutrients will start to become available on a steady basis. Two weeks from transplanting, use 10-20 g of All Purpose 4-3-9 per plant or container depending on size. This should be repeated once a month.

Liquid Fertilizers:

After transplanting you can use any of Orgunique’s organic liquid fertilizers based on plant type and apply first watering using a heavy drench with 15-20 ml of fertilizer per litre of water. Rose and Flower FoodGeneral Purpose,BioFishFruit and BerryHanging Basket & Bloom, etc are choices based on plant selection. Apply liquid fertilizers every 3 weeks. This will keep them fresh looking and will make them bushy without overstretching. Use the same solution to spray leaves as well.

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