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Cedar - Little Giant #2

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Little Giant Arborvitae - Thuja occidentalis 'Little Giant'

Height:  5 feet - Spread:  5 feet - Sunlight:  full sun  partial shade  - Hardiness Zone:  3a

Other Names:  Eastern White Cedar

Description: A compact globe-shaped evergreen shrub, slow growing, ideal for home landscape use, popular as a foundation shrub; hardy and adaptable, best with adequate sun, protect from drying winds

Ornamental Features: Little Giant Arborvitae has forest green foliage. The scale-like leaves remain forest green throughout the winter. Neither the flowers nor the fruit are ornamentally significant.

Landscape Attributes: Little Giant Arborvitae is a dense multi-stemmed evergreen shrub with a more or less rounded form. Its relatively fine texture sets it apart from other landscape plants with less refined foliage.

This is a relatively low maintenance shrub. When pruning is necessary, it is recommended to only trim back the new growth of the current season, other than to remove any dieback. It has no significant negative characteristics.



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