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Alpha Green Nutrient Pure -9kg Bag

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  1. Alpha Green Nutrient Pure is a natural fertilizer that boosts plant growth
    great for flowers, vegetables, lawns, turf, trees, cannabis and fruit trees
    provides slow release of nutrients, with no risk of burning
    soaks up to 3x it’s weight in water which helps keep the soil moist between waterings
    provides over 30 plant nutrients, 40% organic matter and the growth stimulant Triacontanol
    is pure premium alfalfa, nothing is added.
  2. Safe to handle
  3. weed free (the steaming process destroys any seeds that may be present)
  4. The small peppercorn sized pellets are easy to apply
  5. Natural, plant based, non-GMO
  6. Certified for organic use by Ecocert
  7. Reclaims areas affected by low organic matter, compaction and salinity



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