Fun Day Planting With Volunteers πŸ‘

Awesome day of planting in the greenhouse with an amazing group of volunteers πŸ‘

It’s great to hear everyone laughing and having fun while planting. 🌱πŸͺ΄πŸŒ·

Love the jets jersey and the homemade treats. πŸ˜‹

All the volunteers received a 3.8 cu. ft bale of HP CC to try in their planters this spring. Good luck with your PRO-MIX Greenhouse Growing soil media this spring.


HPCC MYCORRHIZAE – high porosity, chunk coir.

When seeking the ideal balance between air porosity, drainage capacity and water retention, PRO-MIX HPCC is the solution growers select. With unique chunk coir reducing soil compaction and carefully selected peat moss, this formulation provides qualities promoting growth and offering a delicate, well-calculated control over the root zone. PRO-MIX HPCC provides growers what they need to optimize the quality of their hanging baskets, large containers and long-term crops.
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